Monday, November 18, 2013

Introducing the LP Browser & It's Creator

by: William Mann, West Chester Technology Blog

Welcome to the new LP Browser blog. I first met the creator of the LP Browser, Jim Overly a couple of years ago while attending my first Record Collector's Show. I would like to introduce you to my story of Jim's LP Browser.

Some of the LP Browsers on display at a recent record show.

Growing up music surrounded my daily life. It was everywhere and regardless of where I was it LP's were being discussed, traded and played. During those years almost every occasion that I was with my friends records were being played. It seemed that at home, records were always playing as well. In addition countless hours were spent at the local Sam Goody's browsing for the newest releases and searching for unknown ones as well.

Anyway as time went by and the 80's turned into the early 90's and CD's were born, and physical space became an issue, thanks to raising 2 boys, the hundreds and hundreds of LPs I had accumulated over the years were sold or given away.

Then, many years later the wife gave me the gift of an LP player and something was triggered within. That same Christmas my son Kevin game me a 180gram press of Pink Floyd's "Dark Side of the Moon" and it was after listening to this on vinyl that Christmas morning for the first time in many years that the passion for collecting vinyl returned.

A short time later the wife and I attended our first record collector's show in Lancaster PA hosted by the Keystone Records Collectors Club. It was here that I first met the creator of the "LP Browser", Jim Overly. We instantly connected. As we talked about music in general and I learned that Jim, a carpenter by trade mixed his trade and love of music into creating the "LP Browser". These are individually crafted with solid wood construction, built to last and each is unique to itself. As Jim described how he designs and constructs these and demonstrated their use I knew I had to have one. Afterward the wife and I talked about the LP Browser and how unique and special it was. Honestly it was  probably the thought of getting all of my albums off of the family room floor that the wife agreed to let me purchase one. I called Jim, we talked about the wood type I wanted and the best stain to match our existing furniture and we had a deal. Jim went on to custom build my first LP Browser and the rest as you can say, is history. I now own 3!

Jim talking to customers about the LP Browser (above & below).

The beauty of these "LP Browsers" is that you can displayprotect and easily browse your collection. One of the coolest things about Vinyl of course is some of the amazing album art which is of course lost with digital music. Displaying and moving the albums around is the LP Browser is always fun.

These LP Browsers are available in 6 distinct styles and sizes as well as in specific wood types such as Douglas-fir, Poplar, Maple and Oak. You can also order one in Walnut or Cherry if that meets your needs.

In addition to this Blog Jim has recently launched the "LP Browser" Facebook page in an effort to get the word out and provide a place for existing and new customers to keep up with him and his amazing LP Browsers.

There is more exciting news on the way so be sure to stay tuned. Be sure to check out and "Like" the new LP  Browser Facebook page at to learn more about the LP Browser, see images and contact Jim for details.

Here I am browsing my record collection in my LP Browsers!

The sad part of this story is that had Jim created these LP Browsers in the 80's we would never had given away and sold all those great LPs that I am now searching for and purchasing all over again. However a positive outcome has proven that I had married the perfect girl.... because she is so very patient with all of this.

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